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About Us

Adirondack Step Sides is a small car club

in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains of NY state.

Together with local Businesses & Organizations we hold

a annual car show to benefit organizations in need

& disaster relief for Victims of Mother Nature's Wrath.


This is the Official Press Release from the 2012 Car Show ONLY!

Adirondack Step Sides Proudly Presented

3rd Annual Adirondack Show & Shine Car Show

Which was held on August 25th 2012

Official Press Release

Adirondack Step Sides

would like to Thank Everyone for showing up and Supporting Our

Causes and helping the Flood victims in our local area.

We had 78 Vehicles and raised just over $2,600.00 which

will be used to buy items for flood victims.

Adirondack Step Sides is taking on the responsibility of going

to these flood victims and finding out what they still are in need of, and we will then buy these items rather

then donate the Money to them.

We feel that this is the ultimate way to help,

we can see that the money was used for its intended purpose,

and the intent of the show as a fund raiser will be fulfilled.

We can't thank Ward Lumber Co.

& Sidney Jay Ward III

and all His Dedicated Crew

& Employees enough

for being such a great hosts

and putting so much hard work

into helping us to reach our goals in helping the Flood Victims.

We would also like to Thank Arlie Adams & Her Culinary Staff

from The River's Edge Emporium for there contributions

and serving us with a Great BBQ.

To All our Dedicated Sponsors

we are very grateful for your donation

as it went to produce a fun filled

event and fulfilled our goals

in our fundraising efforts.

Also a big Thank You to all

The Volunteers who helped out for

the setting up and running of the

car show, Without everyone's help

and contribution non of it

would have possible. 

Adirondack Step Sides Car Club Founding Members,


3 Local Food Shelves Supplied!

Adirondack Step Sides Took the remaining Money from

the Car Show and Supplied Local Food Shelves


Adirondack Step Sides Helped Several People

in the Upper Jay, Jay, Au Sable Forks & Keene Area with the Money Raised.

We handed out Money to Flood Victims with Bills from repairs

or to cover new residency costs.


Adirondack Step Sides Helped The Local M&M Diner's Toy Drive This Year

for the Christmas Holiday By Donating $100.00

The M&M Diner's Toy Drive Benifited Local Flood Victims both Last year,

(the year of the flood) and this year.

A well worthy, Generous Group doing good to help others as we try to do.

Great Job M&M Diner Crew!

Toy Drive Cordinator Cindi Murphy


Adirondack Step Sides

Donated $250.00

To Wells Memorial Library of Upper Jay, N.Y.

As they where flood victims with water filling there basement

and over 2 feet of water on there main floor.

Loosing 100's of books, computers, paperwork,

and own history paperwork which

was in there climate controlled rooms.


Denton Family Helped

We are so Happy to Announce that

We are Helping our First Flood Victim!

Bob & Linda Denton, of Upper Jay, N.Y. lost basically everything

in the flood and we are now in the process of

building them a new home on higher ground in the

Retired Shop of Arto Monaco.

Big Thanks To:

Jay Ward & His Crew for helping frame up the inside of the house.

Bob Segall of Upper Jay for your help and Donations.

Timmy Devins of Devins Garage & Deli for supplying us

with Fresh Bottled Water for all our volunteers.

Our First Work day we had 13 people come and support the Dentons! 

It is so great to see the community come together!

Thanks to the Volunteers who helped on June 30th & July 1st. 2012

Greg Fetters - Mark Peduzzi - Eva Andersson

Jake & Robin Riggins - Mrs. Day - Eric V.

Scott Denton - Carrie Denton - & Everyone else.

Anyone who Donated items or material or time

Thank you so much!

August 25th 2012

Adirondack Step Sides is a small car club

which for the last 2 years Created, Organized and Operated

The Upper Jay Vol. Fire Department's Car Show.

After Hurricane IRENE Destroyed our grounds and the fire station,

Adirondack Step Side's Members had to make a choice,

do we stop doing the car show or...

do we move and still benefit people and organizations in need...

the answer was clear, after Hurricane IRENE devastated

Upper Jay, Jay, Au Sable Forks, Keene, And Keene Valley,

on August 28th 2011 we have to try and help

everyone effected by the flood.

The River Raised from its normal running level of 7-feet

in Upper Jay, to 18.6-feet in just 6-hours.

Some people did not get out of there homes

and where trapped in there second floors,

Thankfully no one in the Town of Jay Perished.

Homes and personal belongings, vehicles, businesses, family photographs and keep sakes where damaged, some beyond repair. Buildings ripped from there foundations along with vehicles and trees and anything else in the path of the water.

The Former Land Of Makbelieve was sadly completely destroyed, Arto Monaco's Original Shop, the Western Village (Cactus Flats),

and Even the Iconic Castle did not make it.

Au Sable had water running down main street, homes, cars, businesses all destroyed, Keene & Keene Valley Hit just as hard.

So Adirondack Step Sides has teamed with Ward Lumber Co.

in Jay, N.Y. to hold this years Car Show.

75% of the Proceeds benefited Flood Victims

25% benefited Local Organizations 


Bob Weeks The PINSTRIPER Was At The Show

As Our Exclusive Car Show Vehicle Pinstriper!

~ Bob Weeks has been Hand Painting & Air Brushing Since 1982 ~

We Surprised Bob Weeks with this

Custom Built Award Especially Designed for Him.

Bob's Wife snuck us one of His Original Paint Cans

and we placed it on his award with Painting cups that are

removable for him to use if He would like.

The two cups had engraved on them 1982 & 2012 to

Celebrate His 30 Years of Pin-striping.

~ This Year is Bob's 30th Anniversary ~

Car Show Location 2015 Year is at The Tee Ball Field on

1 Cuningham Lane in Wilmington, N.Y.

Location For 2015 Car Show

Less then 500 Feet From NYS Route 86

1 Cunningham Lane, Wilmington, NY 12997

(Cunningham Lane is located off of Springfield Road

and less then 500 Feet off of NYS Route 86.)

Our Location

All Rights Reserved 2015

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Permission By Contacting Us Using The Form On The Contact Us Page. -Thanks